November 2016

South wall removed from Module Assembly Building in preparation for Unit 4 CA01 placement Pre-fabricated concrete floor panel assembly area south of the MAB Unit 4 CA01 inside the Module Assembly Building Integrated Head Package inside the Module Assembly Building Workers assemble scaffolding around the integrated head package in the Module Assembly Building Unit 4 CA02 is assembled inside the MAB Ironworkers installing rebar on the Unit 3 Turbine Island First Bay walls Ironworkers discussing rebar installation for the Unit 3 Auxiliary Building floors in Area 2 at the 100’ elevation Unit 3 Annex Building Battery Room construction Unit 3 Annex Building Area 3 Unit 3 Annex Building Wall 3 form work installation by carpenters in preparation for concrete placement to El. 117’ Safety is the top priority on the Vogtle 3 and 4 project Unit 3 Annex building Unit 4 Unit 3 Unit 4 annex building foundation work Unit 4 nuclear island and beginning of the annex building CA04 and CA05 inside the Unit 4 containment vessel Unit 4 turbine building Unit 4 circulating water pipe Unit 3 Nuclear Island and annex building Unit 3 Annex building Unit 3 containment east side Unit 3 fuel Transfer canal section of CA01 in containment Unit 3 reactor vessel cavity and Unit 3 turbine building in the background One of two Moisture Seperator Reheaters. Both were recently installed in the Unit 3 turbine building Unit 3 turbine building Unit 3 turbine building - moisture separator reheater and feed water heaters A look at Unit 3 annex building (left) and containment (right) from the turbine building A view from EL 196' in the Unit 3 turbine building - Deaerator to right, Turbine Deck below Unit 4 tranformer pads and enclosures A Unit 4 CA03 module sits on the upender in preparation for upending at the pad Unit 4 Reactor Vessel Unit 3 Reactor Vessel is prepared for placement in late November