February 2016

Workers discuss the welding of portions of the top head of Unit 3 containment. Steel beams reach towards the sky on Unit 4 turbine building. A view of the Unit 4 turbine building with containment and cooling tower in background. A look inside Unit 4 containment. Rebar inside containment of Unit 4. A look inside containment of Unit 4. A pedestal that will help support one of the steam generators inside Unit 4 containment. A Fluor employee works on the Unit 3 turbine building. A look at the Unit 3 nuclear island from the turbine building. A craft worker welds one of the second course shield panels of Unit 3. A view of the Unit 3 annex building with CA20 and containment on the left. A look at CA20 from the containment vessel ring of Unit 3. Major components of the Unit 3 containment vessel sit just outside nuclear island. Hundreds of cars of the 5,700 craft workers sit in the main parking lot of the construction site.